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Amaryllis Flowers

One of our most revered offerings is the Amaryllis. Ever so stately and commanding in appearance, they define style and sophistication. Simply
styled in a vase with minimal accents of foliage is the epitome of elegance.

We offer a bold and luxurious bouquet of 10 long stemmed dark red amaryllis

Please check availibility with us first - call (800)277-0215

• 10 Red Amaryllis
• 50 Red Amaryllis $349.00 + FREE SHIPPING (best value)


Amaryllis Care Tips
To process Amaryllis flowers first cut 1" from the bottom of the stem at an angle. Then dip the stem in a hydration solution such as Quick Dip. Finally place the stems in a bucket of room temperature flower food such as Aquaplus or Floralife. Ideally storage temperatures should be between 33 to 35 degrees. Vase life is 7 - 10 days depending on bud stage and environmental conditions.

The flowerheads are often so large the stems cannot support them. Insert a thin stick inside the hollow stem for support. The Amaryllis you order from us are still in bud so that they can be transported without damaging the flowers. The meaty stalk of an Amaryllis sucks up a lot of water, which means the flowers have a water supply within the stalk. This means you can use the Amaryllis as a dry decoration for a limited period. A few stems with fully blown flowers can be placed on a dinner table, or hung upside down above the table, without becoming instantly limp.

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