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Stargazer Oriental Lilies - available year round

• 40 Oriental Stargazer lily
Price: $159.00 FREE SHIPPING!

80 Oriental Stargazer lily
Price: $239.00 FREE SHIPPING!


Oriental Stargazer lilies are a favorite of many. These premium grade
Stargazer Lilies are sure to impress! The flower is pink, red, and white, and is sweetly fragrant. Large scented blooms last up to 12 days!

Lilies will be shipped in bud form (closed
flowers). For your Wedding or Special Event, we recommend that you arrange to have your Lilies delivered 5-6 days before the actual event as they do require some time to open up!

Each stem bears between 3-5 scented
blooms apiece


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Delivery Date:


• Each stem has at least 2-4 large blooms.
• Oriental Lilies have very fragrant and large blooms (about the size of a dinner plate)
•Lilies carry a lot of pollen. Even after the pollen has been removed, people may have allergic reactions to the flowers.
• Grown in California.
• Expected vase life is more than 8 days.
• Available year round.

Care Instructions:

1. Remove flowers from box by cutting any straps and also remove all paper and plastic packaging.
2. Fill your container with fresh, lukewarm water to the desired level and optionally add floral preservative.
3. Cut stems diagonally approximately one inch from bottom under running warm water with sharp scissors or knife. Remove all leaves that fall below the water line.
4. Immediately after cutting, place the stems in the prepared container.
5. Allow your flowers 24 hours to properly hydrate before arranging.
6. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat.
7. Every 2 to 3 days, be sure to re-cut the stems repeating the steps above to maximize the life and beauty of your flowers.

We recommend removing the pollen from the end of the anthers as each bud opens. If you don't don't do this it will eventually fall and possibly stain your table linens/clothing etc. If you do get it on your clothes or linens:

  • Let the pollen dry on your clothes, then brush it away with a dry soft brush or facial tissue -- OR --
  • Gently dab the pollen with adhesive tape until it's removed.
  • If some pollen remains, hanging the clothes in direct sunlight for two hours usually removes any traces.
  • Pollen stains can also be removed from clothes by soaking the garments in an enzyme detergent.

Lilies are sensitive to ethylene gas which comes from fresh vegetables and fruits, especially bananas. Please place lilies them away from or near fresh fruit and vegetables.

ONLY if you need to speed up the 'opening process' of the flowers: After having your Lilies in a vase with water for approximately 1 day and you are ready for the blooms to open. Take the bloom and roll between your hands, applying LIGHT PRESSURE. (This is similar to rolling a pen between your hands.) You should continue to do this until you begin to see the bloom open. Once you see the slightest bit of the flower begin to open STOP rolling and leave the flower to open naturally.

For your Wedding or Special Event, we recommend that you arrange to have your Lilies delivered 5 to 6 days before the actual event.
For a Saturday wedding your flowers should be delivered on the Friday (week in advance) or Tuesday before the wedding.

• Deliveries are available Tuesday through Friday and limited Saturday Delivery.

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